• April 08, 2020

    Club notifications

    Virtual September meeting is September 9th at 6:30PM

    Hit this link to get the details to log into Zoom for our first ever online virtual meeting!

    No in person meetings until further notice!
    Due to continued restrictions around groups and the importance of distancing to decrease the covid-19 pandemic exposure we are cancelling the in-person September Sno-King meeting.

    The Mountlake Community Senior Center, where we hold our meetings, will not be opening until  we hit the mythical Phase4 qualification.

    Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

  • September 12, 2020

    2020 Edmonds Coho Derby Limited!

    2020 Edmonds Coho Derby

    Check out edmondscohoderby.com for ticket retailers and online ticket sales.

    The PSA Sno-King and the sponsors of the derby accept no responsibility for loss, damage, injury to any boat, vehicle, equipment, contestant, passenger or observer during this event. Anyone entering the Derby, or providing assistance to Derby Officials or contestants, agrees to hold the Derby Committee, sponsors, and officials harmless for any damages or claims which may arise; and, in particular, if you choose to participate, you agree that you are responsible for your own safety.  The Participant authorizes PSA Sno-King Chapter to use, edit, copy, publish or exhibit any photograph taken during this event for any lawful purpose, including commercial purposes, fundraising and any and all other promotional materials, without payment or consideration to the participant, and the participant waives the right to review any photograph.

    • Fishing is allowed in the open areas of Marine areas 9 and 10 only. The Snohomish River, or any river, is not included in the derby area. Fish that appear to have been caught in a river will be disqualified.

    • All contestants must fish in accordance with the current WDFW Fishing Regulations.

    • All people (persons with a fishing license) aboard the boat must have a derby ticket. This includes Charter Boats. Random checks will be conducted. If people aboard the boat do not have a derby ticket will lead to immediate disqualification for all.

    • Derby Hours are from dawn to 2:00 p.m. sharp, cell phone time. Must be in line by 2:00 pm. Fish will not be accepted with arrival to the weigh in. No exceptions.

    • Salmon must be caught the day of the event, in the designated Marine Areas, and arrive at the weigh in location via water to qualify for weigh in and prizes.

    • Only hatchery fin clipped Coho (Silver) salmon may be weighed in to qualify for prizes. All participants agree to comply with all current WDFW rules for each area. Derby officials are not responsible to determine legality of any Coho weighed in. WDFW enforcement may be present at the weigh in.

    • Clean your fish before arriving at the weigh in location. All guts, gills and kidney (the blood next to the spine) must be removed. Derby judges may do additional cleaning at their complete discretion before weighing.

    • Each contestant may weigh in only 1 fish. There will be no upgrading of fish. Your first fish weighed in will be your entry.

    • There are 2 weigh in locations;  1. Port of Edmonds near the launch sling. 2. Bayside Marine in Everett near the public launch area. Please give yourself a little extra time to get your fish to the weigh in. Late arrivals will be turned away.

    • NOTE: The Port of Edmonds does not allow any fish cleaning within the breakwater.

    • Derby officials reserve the right to disqualify any fish that appears to have been tampered with per the rules designated herein.

    • Prizes shall be awarded for largest salmon (by weight) in various categories and for the salmon coming closest to the mystery weight.  Other categories may be added by derby officials.

    • In the event of a tie the time of weigh in shall determine the winner (earliest fish wins).

    • The decisions of Derby Officials on legality, time and weight will be final and binding.

    • Prizes and awards will be limited to one per entry except that all contestants will be eligible to win the mystery weight prize as well as prizes awarded for largest coho salmon. Kids (14 years and under) are eligible to win both the adult prizes and kids prizes but not both based on largest coho salmon. Kids are not eligible to win the adult mystery weight prize as they have their own mystery weight division.

    • Any violation of Derby rules or regulations shall subject a violator to disqualification and may in the discretion of the judges subject the violator, and possibly those fishing with him or her, to permanent banning from future competitions.

    • Persons observing possible rules violations are required to submit a written protest, on a form available from Derby headquarters, to the judges no later than 3:00 p.m. Saturday September 12, 2020.

    • There shall be no refunds. This is an all-weather Derby. Participants are expected to use reasonable judgment and common sense with respect to weather and sea conditions. You are responsible for your own crew’s safety. Edmonds Coho Derby, Puget Sound Anglers Sno-King Chapter, Puget Sound Anglers State Board, Port of Edmonds, City of Edmonds, Port of Everett, City of Everett, Snohomish County, Northwest Marine Trade Association, all officials, staff, and workers affiliated with the derby and entities mentioned will not be liable.

    • Prize recipients are responsible for payment of any taxes that might be owed on a particular prize, Merchandise prizes shall have no cash value, and shall not be eligible for exchange or credit from the donor thereof. All prizes shall be final at the time of award.


    COVID 19-Social distancing and face masks will be required while in the weigh-in areas. Please follow the signage for the safety of all participants. Due to Covid we have had to make exceptions, this year, to be able to put on this derby. We appreciate your understanding.


    Derby officials' decisions are final in all Edmonds Coho Derby matters.


    Port of Edmonds Headquarters

    Weigh-In Deadline is 2:00 PM Sharp

    The 2020 Edmonds Coho Derby gets started at 5:00 a.m. Saturday September 12th. The launch sling at the Edmonds Marina will open at 5AM to allow you to launch your boats at first light and start fishing. The weigh-in runs until 2:00 p.m. sharp. You must be in line to weigh your fish by 2:00 p.m.  No one will be allowed in line after 2:00 p.m. No exceptions. Be sure to weigh in your fish early as we have had ties every year and the tie breaker is the fish weighed in first. When you approach the scale be sure to have your derby ticket stub handy to show to the weigh master. Your fish will be weighed and logged into our computerized leader board system. The top 10 fish will be held on ice. We encourage you to retrieve your fish early if your fish drops out of the top 10.  At 3:30 PM Prizes will be given away to the winners at the Edmonds Marina. Only those with fish need to remain in the area, all other contestants are encouraged to leave the area to facilitate social distancing.


    Moorage and Parking

    The Edmonds Marina guest moorage is very popular. See the Port of Edmonds Marina Office for details on what is available if you plan to put your boat in the water Friday night. We encourage you to take your boat out of the water when you are done fishing as there is always a big crowd in the guest moorage area at weigh in time. We have arranged with the Port to offer parking for derby participants who launch their boats at Edmonds to park in the large lot at the very north end of the marina. There are only a handful of spots in the parking lot adjacent to Derby Headquarters for trucks and boats on trailers. Normally the large fenced lot across the street from the North end of the marina is used for only trailer parking but only on derby day the Port of Edmonds will let you park in that lot with your boat on the trailer.  There is limited parking on the streets in front of the marina. Do not park in any Port of Edmonds parking space with the yellow lines as those are clearly marked for Port of Edmonds tenants only.  We have delayed this ceremony to allow all of our Everett weigh in derby participants plenty of time to weigh in their fish at the Bayside weigh in station and drive down to the Edmonds.


    Everett Weigh-In Station at Bayside Marine

    • After you have your boat on your trailer either park and walk your fish up to the scale to be weighed or drive through as directed by derby officials.

    • Have your ticket stub ready to present to the weigh master.

    • If your fish is in the top 10 be sure to keep it on ice and take it to Edmonds.

    • Please leave the area immediately after weighing in your fish so others can get in line.


    If at all possible please leave your boat & trailer at home before coming to the Edmonds Derby Headquarters as there is very limited parking there. You will have 1 1/2 hours between weigh-in and prize presentation.


    This Derby is partnered with the Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) which sponsors the Northwest Fishing Derby Series. NMTA is responsible for all NW Derby Series matters, including boat giveaways. PSA Sno-King is not responsible for any errors or changes made by the NMTA.

    In the unlikely event the PSA Sno-King ticket sales do not exceed the breakeven threshold of 483 tickets, the ticket sale prize money will be prorated as follows: 34.5% to 1st place, 14% to 2nd place, 7% to 3rd place and 3.5% to the mystery fish.


    Privacy Policy from The Northwest Salmon Derby Series and The Edmonds Coho Derby

    By entering this Derby and/or entering to win the 2020 Derby Series Grand Prize Boat, each angler or participant acknowledges and agrees that his or her contact information may be made available to sponsors like Kingfisher, EZ Loader, Salmon & Steelhead Journal, Boats US, Scotty, Lowrance, and Who Dat Towers.  Also each entrant further acknowledges that they may be contacted by a sponsor. Anglers and participants who prefer not to be contacted by sponsors should send an email to info@nwfishingderbyseries.com advising the Northwest Fishing Derby Series not to share their contact information with third parties.


    PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19 and derby cancellations the NMTA boat will not be given away in 2020 but in 2021 at the completion of the Northwest Salmon Derby Series.

  • October 18, 2019

    2020 Big Fish Contest

    Entry Deadline is October 19, 2020
     Chinook, Coho, Halibut, Lingcod, and Albacore Tuna Divisions
    Adult and Kids Divisions


    70.50 lbs - Chet Gausta - Sekiu - September 6, 1964
    Chet Gausta shows off his big fish in front of Ralph's Shop-Rite in Poulsbo, as a young boy looks on in wonder. Poulsbo Historical Society has tried without success to identify the boy.
    *Photo courtesy of Poulsbo Historical Society/Nesby


     · Catch a big fish in Washington State or Surrounding waters!

     · You must be a current PSA Sno-King member to enter this contest and must have a current paid membership at the time of catching the fish.

     · For the Kids Division, the child must be 15 or under at the time the fish is caught. All the same rules apply as the Adult Division.

     · Fish must caught by hook and line angling only, in accordance with current WDFW fishing regulations.

     · The fish must be hooked, fought and landed by a PSA Sno-King member (except netting, harpooning or gaffing). The member may have help fighting the fish only by another PSA Sno-King member in which case both members names will be placed on the plaque as co-winners. The Club will provide only one plaque. Additional plaques will have to be paid for by participants and will have to be requested at time of submission.

     · If fishing outside of Washington State, you must launch and land your boat on the same day at a Washington State boat launch and you must follow the regulations for that particular jurisdiction.

     · Fish not caught legally will be disqualified.

     · The fish must be one of the species listed below.

     · You may place in more than one division, but not place more than once in each division.
    You may upgrade your fish in each division.

     · The decisions of legality, length, and weight will be final and binding and determined by the PSA Sno-King Board of Directors. If a board member is entered in any of the divisions top 3 fish they will not be allowed to influence any decision regarding legality if a dispute arises in that particular division.

    For entries, please read the following:

    SALMON (length and girth)

    Provide pictures showing a tape measurement of overall length and girth on chinook or coho salmon. Length should me measured from tip of the mouth to the tip of the tail and the numbers on the tape must be readable. Girth should be measured by circling the tape snugly around the salmons mid-section just in front of the dorsal fin with the numbers on the tape readable at the intersect point on the tape. The fish must be laying flat on the deck when measuring! If the fish is hanging it may be disqualified.

    These measurements will be used to estimate and verify the fish weight. Please also provide an accurate weight. All Salmon will be calculated at the weight based on the length/girth calculator on Piscatorial Pursuits. This calculation is not always accurate but all salmon will be weighed using this method for 2018. Your actual scale weight may differ from these results!

    Here is the link to the PP calculator:

    Examples of pictures for submittal:

    Length - the tape must be readable.

    Girth - the tape must be readable.


    HALIBUT and LINGCOD (length only)

    Provide a picture of the overall length from tip of the mouth to the tip of the tail on halibut and lingcod. The fish must be laying flat on the deck when measuring and the tape must be readable! If the fish is hanging it may be disqualified.

    Please provide an accurate weight if possible. Halibut and lingcod will be rated by a length measurement chart to determine weight. Weight charts are on the contest home page.

    Examples of pictures for submittal:

    Halibut - the tape must be readable.

    Lingcod - the tape must be readable.


    ALBACORE TUNA (length)

    Provide a picture of the overall length from tip of the mouth to the FORK (center) of the tail on albacore tuna. The fish must be laying flat on the deck when measuring and the tape must be readable! If the fish is hanging it may be disqualified.

    Please provide an accurate weight if possible. Albacore Tuna will be rated by a length measurement chart to determine weight. The weight chart is viewable on the contest home page.

    Example of picture for submittal:

    Albacore - to the FORK in the tail - the tape must be readable.

    Other notes:

    We will need a photo in .jpeg format showing the fisherman holding the fish to place on the award plaques. Take lots of pictures - portrait or landscape both work fine on a plaque.

    Please email all pictures to Mitch Rice and/or Ron Garner at the following

     mitchrice99@gmail.com and/or rgarner755@aol.com

    Plaques will be for the 3 biggest fish in each division. A certificate, suitable for framing, will be provided for places 4 - 10.


  • Mission Statement


        We are the Puget Sound Anglers.  We are dedicated to preserving quality fisheries.  We believe in the de-commercialization of Steelhead.  We believe that our salmon resources can be restored with sound biological management.  We believe in the comradeship and wishes of fellow sport fishing anglers.  We believe our grandchildren can have a higher quality fishery than any of us ever had.


        In 1985 a small group of sport fishing anglers became unhappy with the organizations to which they belonged.  Although they enjoyed the friendship and knowledge of persons with the same fishing interests, they were fed up with the state and national leadership using the members as rungs on their own political ladders.  They were tired of their dues going to pay for salaries on the national level and for enhancements thousands of mile away.  They were tired of being refused the right to give input on legislative issues that involved their fisheries.  It was time for a change and thus spawned Puget Sound Anglers.


        The Puget Sound Anglers  us an organization of independent chapters, with common goals and interests, bound only by integrity and fellowship, with the goal of preserving, protecting and enhancing the sport fisheries of Washington State.
        The general outline of the organization is for each chapter to remain an independent nature.  The State Board was formed with members from each of the chapters and is responsible to those chapters.  The State Board is to assist in forming new chapters and promote membership.  In addition, it is to help communications among the chapters regarding fund raising and projects of interest to all.


        There are now 17 Puget Sound Chapters throughout western Washington.  This is the fastest growing sport fishing organization in the state.   Members have been involved in stream enhancements, raising salmon, educational forums, state legislation, fishing for children and even assisting developmentally disabled persons catch their first fish.  We are now being quoted in newspapers, and interviewed by radio and television reporters.  Media response to Puget Sound Anglers has been overwhelming, and the organization is rapidly becoming known as the "Voice of Washington's Sport Anglers".


        In addition to the previously mentioned projects, all members have a chance to learn more about fishing, go on organized outings, take part in projects and build life-long friendships. 
        Each chapter has a monthly general meeting at which fish stories are discussed, guest speakers are provided and there are even raffles to give you a chance to add to your tackle box.  The membership outing may have you fishing in your back door, south of the Mexican border or north towards Alaska.  All paid members will receive a monthly copy of The Reel News.  This newspaper is the communication vehicle for all serious sport anglers in the state.  It provides you with the chapter information, educational fishing information, new products, recipes and information that is vital to your sport.


        We invite non-members and guests to attend our general meetings.  We highly encourage all family members to join us at any of our meetings, outings and other happenings.  We even welcome members of those "other clubs" to attend one of our meetings and maybe, just maybe, they will want to add their names and support to the independent organization of The Puget Sound Anglers.